Bara J. Emran


Personal Profile: LinkedIn

Research Plan: Now days, unnamed aerial vehicles (UAV) are used every where around us. For example, they are used in indoor applications to map the interior of a building and in outdoor applications as cargo delivery. Quadrotors is a famous example of UAV. It is considered as under-actuated system with four actuators and 6-DOF. Like any robotic system, quadrotors are subjected to system uncertainties and system failures. For example, if one of the quadrotor’s actuators fails, the whole system will fail, fall and crash. During my PhD research, I am interested in developing intelligent control systems that is capable of controlling the quadrotor despite the presence of system’s under-actuation, uncertainties and failures.

Research Interests:

  • Control theory
  • Unmanned Vehicles (Ground – Aerial)
  • Machine learning
  • State estimation

Academic Background:

  • Sep 2014 – Present, Research Assistant at the University of British Columbia Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering Title of Thesis: “Switch control for Under-Actuated Hybrid Mechanical System” Supervisor: Dr. Homayoun Najjaran
  • Jan. 2012 – Jan. 2014, American University of Sharjah. M.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering Title of Thesis: “Nonlinear Adaptive Control of Quadrotor” Supervisors: Aydin Yesildirek
  • Sep. 2006 – Jun. 2011, University of Jordan. B.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering Title of Thesis: “Laser Guided Autonomous System” Supervisor: Dr. Za’er Abu Haymor

Selected Published Papers:

  • Yesildirek and B. Emran, “Nonlinear control of quadrotor using multi Lyapunov functions,” in American Control Conference (ACC), 2014.
  • B. Emran, M. Al-Omari, M. F. Abdel-Hafez and M. A. Jaradat, “A Cascaded Approach for Quadrotor’s Attitude Estimation,” Procedia Technology, vol. 15, pp. 268-277, 31 12 2014.
  • B. Emran and A. Yesildirek, “Robust Nonlinear Composite Adaptive Control of Quadrotor,” International Journal of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (IJDIWC), vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 213-225, 2014.
  • B. Emran, M. Al-Omari, M. A. Jaradat and M. Abdel-Hafez, “Hybrid Low-Cost Approach for Quadrotor Attitude Estimation,” Journal of computational and nonlinear dynamics, 9 2014.
  • Yesildirek and B. Emran, “Controlling a VTOL in 2-DOF Subspaces,” in International Journal of Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing, Singapore, 2014.
  • B. Emran and A. Yesildirek, “Nonlinear Composite Adaptive Control for Quadrotor Copter,” in The International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Clean Energy and Green Computing (EEECEGC2013), 2013.