Digital Microfluidic Systems (DMFS) are the new generation of Microfluidic systems in which liquid droplets are manipulated for various chemical and biological analyses. Droplets having volumes in the range of micro- to nano-liter are generated, transported, mixed and split within the DMFS. The overall performance of the DMFS and hence the quality of the result of an analysis greatly depend on the accuracy of the above mentioned basic fluidic operations. Therefore, a control system based on the feedback of the status of a commanded operation on a droplet is essential. The feedback will give information such as the position of the droplet, how much it has moved and the speed it is moving in a given direction. There are various ways of detecting and manipulating the position of the droplet, and the ACIS lab is developing methods of control and feedback that could have applications in the biomedical field.


Droplet Position Control in Digital Microfluidic Systems [download]

 Wear-able Sensors

Another focus of the ACIS Laboratory is on fabrication, integration and broad applications of wearable devices. Recent Achievements in this field includes the fabrication of an Ultra-high gauge factor strain sensor that can be used to monitor slight limb motions. This sensor can be used in wearable devices to monitor, for example – kids motion and as a result help with the study of diabetes and obesity in young children.