Early Warning System for Cyclists

Early Warning System for Cyclists

An image of a cyclist

ACIS is currently developing a system of sensors that warns cyclists if a vehicle is coming dangerously close or fast from behind. Mounted on the back of the bike seat, the system measures the distance and speed of oncoming vehicles, determines the level of danger to the cyclist, and (if the danger level is high) vibrates the bike’s handlebars. As well, if something is coming up from the right side, only the right handlebar will vibrate, and if it is from the left, the left handlebar will vibrate.

This system consists of a LIDAR laser sensor which measures the speed and distance of oncoming vehicles, two ultrasonic sensors which sense for close-range vehicles on either side of the cyclist, two vibration motors which vibrate the left and right handlebars, and a microcontroller which will control the system using fuzzy logic.

Early Warning System Prototype
An early prototype of the system. The LIDAR laser sensor is in the center and the ultrasonic sensors are on either side.

Fast, quiet vehicles and electric bikes are becoming problematic for many cyclists in the Netherlands, as it is difficult for the cyclists to hear what is coming from behind. The purpose of this system is to help cyclists enjoy safe, stress-free rides.

The following video provides further information about the cyclist collision warning system.