Pamela Ines Rellstab Sanchez

M.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

Start date at UBC: January 2018
Research Interests: DNA diagnostics and nanogap biosensors
Past Alma Mater:: Tec de Monterrey, Mexico

Matthew Barriault

M.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

Start date at UBC: September 2011
Research Interests: Machine learning, Industry 4.0, Electronic Noses
Past Alma Mater:: UBC

Brandon Robertson

M.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

Start date at UBC: September 2013
Research Interests: Optimal control, Deep learning, AI, Optimization, Energy Management
Past Alma Mater:: UBC

Simon Steinmann

International Research Student

Start date at UBC: May 2019
Research Interests: Machine Learning, AI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
Past Alma Mater:: University of Stuttgart, Germany

Bara Emran

PhD in Mechanical Engineering

My research interests are Control theory, Unmanned Vehicles (Ground – Aerial), Machine learning and State estimation.

Ephraim Nowak

MASc in Electrical Engineering

My areas of expertise include computer vision and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Marie O’Brien

M.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

My expertise lies mainly in autonomous vehicles, high-level decision making, and data fusion. I am also experienced with industrial design, 3D CAD modeling and R&D testing.

Armaghan Taghvaei

PhD in IGS (Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies)

My main expertise is on UI and UX design, Mobile app design, Design Thinking Methods, Product design and development, Co-Creation and User-Centered Design.

S. Reza Larimi

PhD in Mechanical Engineering

My main expertise regarding my PhD project is on:Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), nanoparticle and composite materials, data acquisition and instrumentation, signal processing and data fusion, deep learning, and network-based modeling.

Grant Sonnenberg

MASc. in Mechanical Engineering

My skills focus on the use of mechanics and fluid dynamics in the design of microfluidic systems for use in cell culturing and experimentation. I am also experienced in cell biology, and in the application of chemistry and thermodynamics to fluid systems.

Jessica Van Brummelen, Mohammed Salem, Mahsa Haghjoo, Ahmadi, Rachael L’orsa, Dennis Krys, Morteza Farrokhsiar, David Kadish, Elaheh Aghaarabi, Farzad Aminravan, Fuhad Hassan, Golriz Rezaei, Graham Pavlik, Hadi Firouzi, Heather Martin, Jamieson Garbowski, Kavish Bujun, Kurt Yesilcimen, Miguel Murran, Biddut Bhattacharjee